Parents jusqu'au bout !

Financial compensation must be granted to parents like us, so that we can continue taking care of our little sweethearts. The financial burden has become too heavy to bear. We are freeing up hospitals and saving millions to the healthcare system. We are proposing a solution: be recognized as the foster family for our own child in order to benefit from the same advantages.

This structure already exists within the DPJ (youth protection department) and it would probably be simpler and more economical to work within this system. By the same token, this would give us access to monetary benefits and varied services such as specialized vacation, free specialized transit, support, respite, free ambulance transportation, free medication, and others.

It is high time that we get progress in this respect. We need a hand to make our message heard in the media as well as in the National Assembly. The campaign was launched, other parents rallied around our cause. We are more than determined to reach our goal.